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Language acquisition is an essential element for students to connect, engage, and thrive in their lives and learning. As multicultural interactions are embedded in our core beliefs and values, we believe that both multilingualism and a global outlook are key to student success. Ingrained in the Project Based Learning programme are the opportunities to grow and develop the language skills of all students.


As part of our commitment to personalise learning and make instruction accessible, HIS offers language support to non-native speakers of English. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) department provides a range of pathways to support growth, skills, and confidence in learning English, recognising it may be a student’s 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th language. During the admissions process, non-native speakers will be assessed to ascertain the level of support they might need. Students who qualify to receive EAL support at HIS will benefit from having a specialist working closely with them in various settings to support language acquisition. 

Building connections with the local community is an equally vital aspect of our curriculum, and so, the Japanese language plays an essential role in this process. Our Japanese language programme is designed to support all students, from entry-level learners who will need to interact with locals to native speakers who wish to continue the development of their mother tongue. 


At HIS, we understand that language acquisition is a life-long process. Through our unique curriculum and approach to education, the journey of learning, sharing, and developing language will be an exciting experience for everyone.