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Employment Opportunity
Welcome to a new way of learning and living


The most important resource of any school is its people; the teachers and staff who are truly interested in helping the students grow and realise their potential. 

We are here to create a new learning hub where students and teachers alike are committed to learning and growing in this spectacular natural environment of Hakuba, Japan. 

We are looking for passionate individuals who believe that investing in the youth of today will bring about a brighter tomorrow. In particular, we are currently hiring for a Counselor, a Japanese Native-Language ("Kokugo") teacher, and a Japanese Second-Language teacher. We expect to have several additional faculty and administrative roles open for the 2023-24 school year. 

Join us. We need your unique superpower to make it happen! 

If you are interested, please fill in the application form, and send us your CV and cover letter to info@hakuba-is.jp.