About Hakuba

Situated just hours away from Tokyo in the Northern Alps, Hakuba is an open-space classroom and playground for the adventurous and inquisitive.


Throughout the seasons, the expansive valley awards its visitors and local residents with exceptional terrain for pursuing a variety of sport and outdoor activities. During winter the high snowfall forges some of Japan’s best ski fields, catering to all ages and abilities with nine ski resorts. In the warmer months, magnificent colour returns to the mountains, providing the perfect backdrop and conditions for mountain bike riding, trekking and nature walks.

The multinational community of Hakuba welcomes people of all backgrounds to enjoy and contribute to this lively, natural wonderland. The local towns are buzzing with businesses and eateries serving up traditional and international cuisine. Community members learn from each other’s diverse life experience and celebrate cultural diversity.


With so many of life’s pleasures waiting at the doorstep, students can maintain a healthy balance of study, sports and leisure. Hakuba’s ability to immerse the body’s senses propels each individual to act upon their curiosity and wonder. By choosing to study in Hakuba, students will join the multinational and diverse community and will enrol to take part and share in life-long learning.