Summer School 2021

Theme: Sustainability and Our Action

Thank you for your interest in our Summer School!

All sessions are full, and we are no longer accepting applications.

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Let Curiosity Be Your Guide

Hakuba International School Foundation will welcome a small group of students to take part in a unique learning experience in the spectacular natural setting in the heart of the Japan Alps. With SDGs as our continued theme, we will offer an exciting set of programs! 

With the ongoing challenges we face on a global scale, we aspire to help the younger generation rise to the challenge that we adults had never faced. We certainly do not have all the answers, but we can help the students learn the mindset and tools to become independent thinkers and learners, and our expert teachers will cheer them on as the students discover their potential. We will incorporate SDGs, Compassionate Systems Framework, Science, outdoor activities and much more in our Summer School. 

We plan to open the full-time school in September 2022 with the inaugural class of 7th and 8th grades (Year 8 and 9 in the British system). When selecting the students for Summer School, we prioritise the students who consider enrolling in our school next year. 

To give you some ideas as to what we do at Summer School, here is a movie from Summer School 2020.  Hope you'l enjoy it!

To ensure the safety of the participants and adhere to the government guidelines, we will put the following policies in place: 

  • We will welcome students from within Japan (if you live overseas and plan to spend the summer holiday in Japan, we accept students if their families have had a two-week quarantine period within Japan before the start of the program).

  • We will run the day program only, which means the students from outside of the area will be asked to come to Hakuba as a family and join the program daily for 6 days.

  • We will put in place appropriate measures to mitigate the health risks, such as taking the temperature of students each morning, wearing a mask, ventilating the classroom, choosing the outdoor activities which allow for more distancing, incorporate extra cleaning of the venue, and so on.

We reserve the right to cancel the program if (1) the government imposes the restrictions that make it difficult to conduct the program, and/or (2) the Program Director deems the situation is unsafe for the participants. In those cases, the fees will be refunded. 



10 - 15 years old

Dates / Time

Session 1: Sunday July 11th - Friday July 16th [ENGLISH PROGRAM]

Session 2: Monday July 19th - Saturday July 24th [ENGLISH PROGRAM]

Session 3: Monday July 26th - Saturday July 31st [JAPANESE/ENGLISH PROGRAM]

​Session 1 and 2 are basically the same program and will be conducted in English. These sessions will include lessons on sustainability-related science, system thinking, outdoor activities, etc. The venue is Nomad Hakuba (3020-870 Hokujo, Hakuba, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano).

​Session 3 is a Japanese/English mixed program, and we will incorporate the Japanese version of World Peace Game. Students in this session are required to read, write and speak fluently in Japanese. The venue is Norway Village (3476 Hokujo, Hakuba, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano).

For each session, the program runs from 9am to 6pm daily, except the first day starts at 1pm and the last day finishes at 12 noon.


JPY 128,000 including course materials, outdoor activities, lunches and insurance. Lodging costs and transportation costs to and from Hakuba are not included.

Local discount applies to students whose registered address is in the Hakuba Valley (Hakuba, Otari and Omachi). Please inquire the details.

General Information


Please read this information carefully before submitting an application.  


The fees are based on an all-inclusive charge, which covers medical and accident insurance (excluding any pre-existing conditions), lunches, course materials, and planned activities. Since it is not a boarding program, lodging costs are not included. 


Students are expected to arrive at the venue (Nomad Hakuba for Sessions 1 and 2, and Norway Village for Session 3) at 1 pm on the first day, and at 9 am from the second to the last day. Students will finish the day at 6 pm on the first day through the fifth day (second last day). We will conclude our program at 12 noon on the last day. 


Please ensure your child has a suitable level of fitness which will enable him/her to fully enjoy the physical nature of some of our activities.  

Computers and other devices

​Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops or other devices for doing research and making presentations. 

Student presentation

Please note that parents, guardians, and family members are welcome to attend the students' presentations on the final day from 10 am to 12 noon. The program will finish soon after the presentation.


Hakuba has many different types of accommodations and you will be able to find a great place to stay where you and your family will enjoy a nice holiday. If you need help in finding a suitable accommodation, please indicate it in the application form.

How to Apply

Placements are limited. Please read below and submit an application by Friday May 21st. We will notify you whether your application is accepted by May 31st.  

1. Click on the Application button below and fill in the application form. After submitting the form, please send a recent photo of your child (no need for a passport photo, a snap photo taken on your mobile phone will do as long as we can see your child's face) by e-mail to  

2. Once your application is accepted, we will send you an invoice. The place for your child will be secured when the payment of fee is confirmed.  

3. Please read through the Conditions of Acceptance before submitting the application, which outlines our expectations of student conduct during the program and our cancellation policy.  


Conditions of Acceptance


We expect the parents and guardians of HIS holiday program students to read and accept the following conditions.  



We expect students to demonstrate respect for each other, teachers and members of staff so everyone has a positive experience during the program. The HIS Director reserves the right to send home students whose behaviour affects the learning and/or well-being of others or themselves. Students are expected to demonstrate care towards the facilities and the local community.  Students may not leave the facility without permissions of the HIS Director and the use of mobile phones may be restricted during the program.  


We reserve the right to cancel the program before the start date if the HIS Director deems the safety risk has increased or we do not have enough participants to make the program meaningful, in which case the fees will be refunded in full.  In the event of a cancellation by student due to health reasons, the full fee minus the bank transfer fee will be refunded.


Subject to weather and other conditions, we reserve the right to change any activities planned in the program.