Summer School 2019

Theme: Sustainable Development Goals

Sunday July 7th - Saturday July 13th

Let Curiosity Be Your Guide

Hakuba International School Foundation’s Summer School 2019 will welcome a small group of students between ages 12 and 16 to enjoy the pristine air and spectacular natural beauty of Hakuba while engaging in a range of stimulating activities. Our theme is SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.  With a line-up of Theory of Knowledge, social and scientific studies related to SDGs, robotics and outdoor activities combined to make an interdisciplinary learning, we will have plenty of opportunities to challenge ourselves, try, fail, learn, reflect and grow. Students will conclude the week with new friends, great memories of their amazing adventures in Hakuba, and the new perspective on themselves and the world. 


12 - 16 years old



Sunday July 7th - Saturday July 13th



Nomad Hakuba

3020-870 Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano-ken 399-9301

Access from Tokyo


> Shinkansen & Bus

1.5-hour Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagano, and 1-hour bus ride from Nagano to Hakuba

> JR Express Train

4-hour train ride (Azusa) from Shinjuku to Hakuba Station

> Highway Bus

5-hour bus ride from Shinjuku Bus Terminal to Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal


JPY 200,000 with full board (transportation costs to and from Hakuba are not included)


Theory of Knowledge ("TOK") by Carol Inugai-Dixon

Originally from the UK and currently a visiting professor at the University of Tsukuba, Carol is an IB education expert and has a long history of working in education.  She has extensive teaching experiences at international schools and served as the language and learning director for the IB Organisation in The Hague, Netherlands. She serves as the President of The Japan Association for Research into IB Education.  

Carol will introduce the students to TOK and take them out on an intellectual journey where they explore the joy of learning.   

Mio Matsuoka face.jpg

SDGs Lecture and Workshop by Mio Matsuoka

Mio is deeply interested in sustainable food and permaculture. As a university student, she volunteered in many countries such as Laos, India, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malawi and South Africa. She studied International Development at a graduate school in UK and worked for an NGO in Pakistan to promote peace in the region. Since she returned to Japan, her mission is to connect children with nature, farm and permaculture. She is a garden teacher of Edible Schoolyard Japan.

Learn with Minerva Students


Students from Minerva Schools at KGI, the newly established, arguably the hardest university to get into with an acceptance rate of less than 2%, will join us again! This year Ahmed and Megan will facilitate our students' learning with exciting activities such as Robotics, Science and Social studies.   

Screenshot 2019-03-24 at 11.12.23.png

Ahmed from Egypt

World Robotics Olympiad Finalist

Screenshot 2019-03-24 at 11.14.45.png

Megan from USA

Trilingual with passion for geography, politics and biology

Outdoor / Sports by Nobu Naruse


Native of Hakuba, Nobu is an Olympian cross country skier who represented Japan at 2006 Turin, 2010 Vancouver and 2014 Sochi Olympics.  Nobu will tell us how he suffered from asthma as a child but with determination and relentless training became an Olympic athlete in one of the toughest endurance sports on earth.  

He will share with us the joy of Nordic Walking as well as the tips to stay fit and healthy for life.  

More Outdoor and Other Activities

Geocache day6-9.jpg
Cooking day4-55.jpg
Music session.jpg


Cook Dinner Challenge

Music Live Session



Students will stay in a safe and comfortable environment at Nomad Hakuba.  

Students share rooms with up to three others, organized by gender and age.  Freshly cooked meals incorporating local produce are served daily and the teachers oversee pastoral care.  Students have access to a coin laundry should they need washing done. 

General Information


Please read this information carefully before submitting an application.  


The fees are based on an all-inclusive charge, which covers medical and accident insurance (excluding any pre-existing conditions), accommodation, linen and towels, meals, course materials and planned activities.  


Students are expected to arrive at Nomad Hakuba by 1:30pm on Sunday July 7th. Students are expected to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to and from Hakuba. Please contact the HIS Director if students are required to travel unaccompanied.  (e-mail:  

HIS will organise free pick-ups from Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal and JR Hakuba Station.

The program finishes at noon on Saturday July 13th. 


Please ensure your child has a suitable level of fitness which will enable him/her to fully enjoy the physical nature of some of our activities.  

Computers and other devices

​Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop or other device for doing research and making presentations. 

Student presentation

Please note that parents, guardians and family members are welcome to attend on the final day (Saturday July 13th) to watch the students' presentations from 10am to 12 noon. 

How to Apply

Placements are limited.  To avoid your child missing out, please read below and submit an application at your earliest convenience.  

1. Click on the link below and fill in the application form. After submitting the form, please send a recent photo of your child (no need for a passport photo, a snap photo taken on your mobile phone will do as long as we can see your child's face) by e-mail to  



Or download the application form, fill it in and mail it to together with your child's profile photo.  

2. Expect to hear from us within a week.  We will get back to you to confirm your child's acceptance for the program should he/she be accepted.  

3. The place for your child will be secured when the payment of fee is confirmed.  

4. Please read through our Conditions of Acceptance, which outlines our expectations of student conduct during the program and our cancellation policy.  


Conditions of Acceptance


We expect the parents and guardians of HIS holiday program students to read and accept the following conditions.  



We expect students to demonstrate respect for each other, teachers and members of staff so everyone has a positive experience during the program.  The HIS Director reserves the right to send home students whose behaviour affects the learning and/or well-being of others or themselves. Students are expected to demonstrate care towards the facilities and the local community.


Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited, therefore the possession of any form of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated.  Boys and girls are not allowed to visit each other's rooms at any time.  Students may not leave the facility without permissions of the HIS Director.  Students' use of mobile phones may be restricted during the day.  They will be permitted to use their mobile phones during their free time in the evenings.  



In the event of a cancellation, a refund will be made only if the cancellation is communicated in writing no later than June 15th.  The full fee minus the bank transfer fee will be refunded in case a written notice of cancellation is received on or before May 31st.


Subject to weather and other conditions, we reserve the right to change any activities specified in the current HIS holiday program.