2017 Summer School


Sunday July 2nd - Saturday July 8th 

Let Curiosity Be Your Guide

The Hakuba International School Summer Programme 2017 will welcome a small group of students between ages 12 and 16 to take part in a unique learning experience.  During the summer school holiday, students can enjoy the pristine air and spectacular natural beauty of Hakuba while taking part in a range of stimulating activities.  Each day is jam-packed with new experiences and opportunities for self-growth.  With a diverse line-up of outdoor sports and creative activities, your child will conclude the week with new friends and great memories of their amazing summer adventures.  



Sunday July 2nd – Saturday July 8th



Hakuba Village is situated in the heart of the Japanese Alps, in the prefecture of Nagano.


Yen 200,000 for 7-day program with full board


Outdoor / Sports Activity

Enjoy hiking, rafting, mountain biking, wake boarding and more in the stunning natural environment in Hakuba.  Students will also observe and analyze the impact of each activity on their body through the use of wearable monitoring devices.  

Visual Art

Students will work together to produce a large sculptural mosaic for the community of Hakaba, in addition to creating their own small piece to take home.


Each student will learn how to play the Japanese flute and produce his/her own recycled drum.  Students will work together in preparation to take part in a carnival-style street performance on the final day.  

Creative Digital Communication

Students will learn a range of key technologies and the creative methods to express him/herself effectively using digital media.

Individual Presentation

Through daily reflection and social activities, students will have plenty of opportunities to strengthen their intra and inter personal skills.  On the final day, students will be asked to present their original take on what the experience has meant to them.

Talk by Specialist - "AI"

Is AI taking over our world?  We hear a lot about Artificial Intelligence and how it might affect our future.  Let's listen to one of the leading experts in Japan in this field, the executive of HEROZ,Inc. which possesses a unique AI technology that has defeated professional Shogi (Japanese chess) players in public matches!  

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Students will stay in a safe and comfortable environment at Hakuba Yamano Hotel.  

Students share rooms with up to three others, organized by gender and age.  Freshly cooked meals incorporating local produce are served daily and the Summer School teachers oversee pastoral care.  Students have access to a coin laundry at the hotel should they need washing done.  

General Information


Please read this information carefully before submitting an application.  


The fees are based on an all-inclusive charge, which covers medical and accident insurance (excluding any pre-existing conditions), accommodation, linen and towels, meals, course materials and planned activities.  


The students are expected to arrive at Hakuba Yamano Hotel by 3pm on Sunday July 2nd.  


Students are expected to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to and from Hakuba. Approval from the HIS Summer School director must be sought if students are required to travel unaccompanied.  (e-mail: application@hakuba-is.jp)  


Please ensure your child has a suitable level of fitness which will enable him/her to fully enjoy the physical nature of some of our activities.  

Computers and other devices

​Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop or other device for analyzing data and creating presentations.  However, this is not essential. 

Student presentation

Please note parents, guardians and family members are welcome to attend on the final day (Saturday July 8th) to watch the students' multimodal presentations.  Further details will be provided to those attending HIS Summer School.  

How to Apply

Placements are limited.  To avoid your child missing out, please read below and submit an application today!

1. Download the application form below and return it via e-mail with a recent photo of your child to application@hakuba-is.jp.  

2. Expect to hear from us promptly.  We will get back to you to confirm your child's acceptance for the Summer School should he/she be accepted.  

3. The place for your child will be secured when the payment of fee is confirmed.  Payment should be made by bank transfer by Friday June 16th.  

4. Please read through our Conditions of Acceptance, which outlines our expectations of student conduct during the Summer School and our cancellation policy.  


Please send an email to application@hakuba-is.jp


Conditions of Acceptance


We expect the parents and guardians of HIS Summer School students to read and accept the following conditions.  



We expect students to demonstrate respect for each other, teachers and members of staff so everyone has a positive experience during HIS Summer School.  The HIS Summer School director reserves the right to send home students whose behavior effects the learning and/or well-being of others or themselves. Students are expected to demonstrate care towards the campus, accommodation facilities and the local community.


Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited, therefore the possession of any form of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated.  Boys and girls are not allowed to visit each other's rooms at any time.  Students may not leave the campus or the adjacent accommodation without permissions of the HIS Summer School director.  Students' use of mobile phones may be restricted during the day.  They will be permitted to use their mobile phones during their free time in the evenings.  



In the event of a cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable.  With respect to any fees which have already been paid in full, a refund of the balance will be considered only in the event that the cancellation is communicated in writing no later than Wednesday May 31st.  


Subject to weather and other conditions, we reserve the right to change any activities specified in the current HIS  Summer School programme.