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Outdoor Education

From daily interactions in the local forests through to extended expeditions in the mountains and rivers, nature is one of our best teachers, and the exploration of the mountains, forests and rivers will be integral to the students' experience and learning at HIS. 


Each year begins with mentor groups spending a week together to discover and rediscover each other and cement the essential connections. 


Every year level will have a wilderness experience that focuses on their developmental needs and builds their skills towards designing and running their own Expedition in the 11th grade. 


Throughout the year and in all seasons, the students and staff will explore the magnificent country around them through a variety of activities. This is also a chance for students to spend time in outdoor activities they wish to try, or activities they wish to master. 


Peer mentoring is an essential part of growth as a learner, and Outdoor Education is an excellent opportunity for the students to share their learning with their peers.