About Hakuba International School

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and support students during the early stages of their learning journey; encouraging them to become motivated, life-long learners. By providing quality educational experiences, they will develop into responsible, confident, young adults who want to make a difference in our world.


Hakuba’s spectacular natural environment lends itself to many unique learning opportunities. Students will be presented with tasks that both stimulate and challenge them— requiring active participation and critical thinking. We aim to provide experiences that will evoke personal discovery and help students recognise and reach their full potential.


Our Values


We aim to foster these values in our students:


By igniting the innate sparks of curiosity we want students to determine their own future through critical thinking and self-guided learning.


Not every attempt and effort yields success but we can learn the best lessons from mistakes.

It is through the experience and understanding of failure that we become resilient.  Resilience fosters confidence.


Taking risks enables learning to occur most naturally. Children who have a developed sense of social, physical and inner confidence are more willing to have a go in an attempt to increase their understanding. We aim to enrich confidence through helping students recognize and grow their talents, as well as readily confront and overcome challenges.


Confidence leads to independence, which leads to well-rounded contributors of society. We aim to strengthen independence through all stages of learning so that our children have their own unique voice and mind.


Respect is a core value of Japanese culture.  By paying respect to nature, people around you, and their culture and history, we learn to accept and appreciate the differences and we become truly global citizens.    

Our Education

Hakuba International School will implement the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP).  The IB is a rigorous, ambitious, inquiry-based academic program, which also incorporates active ex-curricular and service activities.  


Utilising Hakuba’s natural landscape to nurture sporting excellence, our aim is to deliver a balanced program that will foster intellectual and physical development as well as social and emotional well-bieing in each student.  

We will also focus on SDGs (Sustainable Developmental Goals) so students will learn the importance of building a sustainable and prosperous society and become responsible citizens who can make positive impact in this world.   

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